Danger Signs in Pregnancy

Nowadays we are so quick to jump to Facebook to ask about what is going on, before even calling our provider. When it comes to pregnancy, I believe it’s always worth being checked out if you’re worried. Trust your mother’s intuition. Why take that risk?

Here are some things in pregnancy, that should be reported to your care provider right away. Don’t ask on Facebook, just call!

  1. Vaginal bleeding. While some spotting can be early implantation bleeding, any bleeding in the first trimester can also indicate an abortion, or molar/ectopic pregnancy. In the second or third trimesters, bleeding can indicate placenta previa, placenta abruption, ruptured cervical polyp, or other causes.
  2. Vaginal or anal blisters. This could be a sign of herpes virus.
  3. Severe pelvic or abdominal pain. In the first trimester it can indicate a possible tubal pregnancy, however in the last trimester it can indicate placenta abruption.
  4. Severe and consistent mid-back pain. This can be a symptom from a kidney infection.
  5. Hands and face swell up. If your face becomes puffy, or your features look coarse, it can indicate preeclampsia. Also severe headaches, blurry vision, or pain under the rib cage can be an indication that the condition is becoming critical.
  6. Gush of fluid from the vagina. While it’s not uncommon to pee yourself during pregnancy, a big gush of fluid can be a sign of premature rupture of membranes (PROM) or your water breaking. In the first or second trimester it can be a sign of miscarriage. If it happens late in your second trimester or in your third, it may indicate premature delivery.
  7. Regular contractions. If you feel consistent uterine contractions before 37 weeks that do not go away after staying hydrated, using the restroom, taking a bath, or laying down, this may indicate premature birth.
  8. Decreased or no fetal movement. This is an indicator of fetal demise. You should feel baby move at least several times per hour, more right after eating.


*I am not a doctor or medical provider, nor do I claim that these symptoms diagnose you. They are simply signs in pregnancy that should be reported to your provider ASAP. 

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