How To Afford a Doula

You are wanting to have a natural birth? Fantastic! You have already spent money on a childbirth class. That’s a great first step! But you also really want to hire a birth doula, and are not sure how you can afford one. I totally understand! Here are some things to consider, to help you get that doula.

Use a FSA or HSA account

Hiring a doula is for medical purposes, and many doulas do accept either flex spending accounts or health savings account cards, just like credit cards.

Get a Doula as a Gift

Ask your family and friends to purchase a gift certificate from the doula you are interested in hiring, for your baby shower.

Payment Plans

Ask your doula if she offers a payment plan. Especially if you hire a doula in your first trimester, you’ll have many months to slowly pay your doula. Most doulas ask for the payment to be paid in full by 36-38 weeks.

Cut Out Unnecessary Spending

Remove non-essential items such as Starbucks coffee, take-out food, or theater trips from your budget to save up during your pregnancy.

Barter Services

Ask your doula if she is interested in bartering services. Many times doulas are interested in trading for services like photography, web design, or home repair work.

Doulas Save You Money

Remember that hiring a doula may save you costs in the long run. Statistics show that doulas reduce interventions and cesareans.

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