5 Ways Dads or Partners Feel More Involved During Pregnancy

There are a lot of changes that happen to a woman during pregnancy. Many start right away and progress for nine months, emotionally and physically. With everything that mom goes through, dad can often feel “left out” or not included.

Here are some ways for your partner to feel more involved with your pregnancy. So that he too can be able to share in the joys of your journey together.

5 Ways Dad Feels More Involved During Pregnancy.png

1. Share your baby announcement together. Take the time to tell your family, together. Whether that is in person or online. Even offer for him to be the one that shares about your exciting news when telling family or friends in-person.

2. Invite him to your appointments. Having him join you for your provider appointments will not only allow him to also get to know your OB/midwife more, but it gives you an opportunity to spend that extra time talking about the pregnancy during and after appointments.

3. Take a childbirth class together. Not only is it important for you to learn about your pregnancy, your choices in childbirth, and newborn care, but it’s equally as important for him to as well. He is your main support through it all, and the more education you both have, the more prepared for everything you will be. In my Birth Boot Camp classes, both mom and dad take the time to plan out their birth plan, together! Best part? Classes become like “date nights” for you.

4. Have a couples baby shower. Often just women gather together for a baby shower. But remember that this is an opportunity for him to celebrate too! Instead, plan a fun shower that includes dad and his friends too. The more the merrier right?! You can even spend time together registering for gifts.

5. Communicate. The most important way to get your partner involved in your pregnancy is to communicate your needs. Let him know how he can help you. Often, they don’t know how they can be of help, but they most likely want to help! Your pregnancy is a special journey to can experienced TOGETHER!

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