Why An In-Person Childbirth Class Is 100% Worth It

There has been a good number of online childbirth classes for a while now. Even Birth Boot Camp is available as an online class! After Covid last year, there are even more online classes than before. However, if you have the availability and access to an in-person childbirth class, you should ABSOLUTELY choose it! Here’s why…

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The energy in the room just can’t be matched! I love the spontaneous and personal discussions we have that are specific to their situations. And there’s always at least one inside joke that lives on through all the sessions that’s fun to laugh about.


I took the Comprehensive pregnant with our first before I even considered getting into birth work. Loved in-person for the connection with other couples, we had so much fun in class! The discussions we were able to have and questions other parents asked that we hadn’t thought of (vice versa). As an instructor, all of that plus from the teaching seat seeing the “aha” moments and really connecting with my students.


I LOVE teaching in person classes because it helps me better connect to my parents! I can read their body language well and work with them accordingly. Some need time to warm up where others walk in and start hugging and chatting like we’ve been best friends! I love it. I also love getting to serve them in some way, so memorizing how they like their coffee/tea and having that ready for them when they come in is just a small way to show my appreciation and care. I can’t do that online.


An in-person class experience is just so much more personal and FUN! It allows you the ability to connect with a birth worker, ask questions, and also share your concerns and worries.

Ready to join our next in-person Birth Boot Camp childbirth class?! Check out our upcoming schedule, class offerings, or simply contact me today!

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