What Do You Do In Childbirth Classes?

Your provider, a friend, or maybe your mom suggested you sign up for birth classes, but you don’t even know what you do, or what you learn in them.

Every single pregnant person, couple, and family should absolutely take childbirth education! Especially in-person birth classes, as I’ve talked about before.

My series classes run weekday evenings typically. At class or session one, you will learn about what the series looks like, and we’ll jump right into education.

Each additional class or session, we’ll talk about anatomy, what labor and birth looks like, sounds like, and what you and your partner can do to make the experience positive!

You will learn and practice labor and pushing positions, comfort measures like counter pressure and massage, and watch birth videos! We’ll discuss consent, inductions, epidurals, cesareans, variations of labor and birth plans.

Plus, we’ll help you learn what immediate postpartum, newborn care, and breastfeeding looks like.

I teach audibly, visually, and hands-on, so it connects with each person there.

Each week you will also get a recap email with lots of additional resources, and homework!

You will leave my classes with knowledge, confidence, tools, and a community for the remainder of your pregnancy, your birth, postpartum and beyond!

Ready to join my next Birth Boot Camp childbirth class?

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