Basic Training – $125

Birth Boot Camp is the best childbirth class in the industry. This course uses evidence based information to help you and your partner make informed decisions around your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

You will spend time learning basic nutrition and exercise to stay healthy and low-risk, what to expect during labor, epidurals, cesarean sections, comfort measures, hands on techniques to help you through labor, plus so much more!

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This ONE-DAY live class includes:

  • Basic nutrition and exercise for pregnancy
  • Birth Goals: Setting your intentions for birth
  • Supporting Arms: hands on practice for your partner in how to support you through labor
  • Top tips for partners
  • The science of labor and birth
  • Info on inductions, epidurals, and cesareans


  • Limited class sizes to insure you get the full support you deserve
  • BBC swag
  • A beautiful and detailed workbook for you to take home and use to prepare!

This class is approx. 7 hrs long with a lunch break. See our class schedule HERE, or contact us to schedule a private class!


DEPOSIT – Basic Training Class

Deposit required to secure spot and order class materials.



  • Are you due soon and need a last minute in-person childbirth class?
  • Not able to fit in a class series into your schedule?
  • Wanting to prepare for an AMAZING birth experience with your partner?

If you said "yes" to any of those. ⬆️

Then you'll want to sign up for our "Basic Training" childbirth prep class!