Birth Boot Camp Express Class – $200

This one-day course is designed for the extra busy couple that needs a one and done class.

Come learn the basics that will help you begin your journey as you prepare for your upcoming birth. You will gain a variety of skills and tools to use to have an enjoyable birth experience.
This course uses evidence based information to help you and your partner make informed decisions around your pregnancy, labor, and birth.
You will spend time learning basic nutrition and exercise to stay healthy and low-risk, what to expect during labor, information on inductions, epidurals, and cesarean sections, plus comfort measures and hands on techniques to help you get through labor, plus so much more!


  • How labor and birth work – physically and emotionally
  • Birth Goals: Setting your intentions for birth
  • Hands on practice for your partner in how to support you through labor physically
  • Tips for partners – to get them more involved
  • Comfort Measures
  • Labor and pushing positions
  • Info on inductions, epidurals, and cesareans


  • Limited class sizes to insure you get the full support you deserve
  • Birth Boot Camp Workbook (sneak peek here)
  • This class meets for approx. 8 hrs (with an hour lunch break in between).

Also included with this class: our online Newborn Care & Breastfeeding Class to watch at home at anytime following this class.

$200 total class fee. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure spot and order class materials. The rest is due before or at class one.

Classes taught in West Point, UT

See current class schedule, or contact me to set up a class. A private class is available for an additional fee.