Birth Boot Camp Classes

Why Birth Boot Camp?

BBC is not just one method. It incorporates the best and most effective components of the most popular childbirth education courses out there today. It is comprehensive and prepares families in prenatal nutrition, exercise, birth physiology, birth interventions, relaxation techniques, pain management strategies, breastfeeding support, newborn procedures and care, and so much more. All our materials and supplemental information are continually updated and evidence-based.

**Childcare available for all classes! Contact me for details.**

We had the privilege of attending Hanan’s Comfort Measures class. It was very informative, practical, and fun. I’d highly recommend it or any of her other classes!
– Danielle B.

  • Are you due soon and need a last minute in-person childbirth class?
  • Not able to fit in a class series into your schedule?
  • Wanting to prepare for an AMAZING birth experience with your partner?

If you said "yes" to any of those. ⬆️

Then you'll want to sign up for our "Basic Training" childbirth prep class!