Birth Planning / Coaching Call Sessions – $100

Are you finding yourself getting lost in Google searches, bombarded with social media posts, and not knowing exactly where to start or what is most important to learn about. This is where I come in!

Receive advice from a birth expert with years of experience preparing families for the birth of their dreams! Move beyond basic textbook-based version of birth into a custom and unique-to-you preparation.

Together we will go over what questions to ask your provider, how to navigate some common roadblocks and how to master your mindset going into your birth. I can help you understand how things will feel, how they may look, and how to make a plan to achieve your birth goals.

What to Expect

A 60 minute virtual or phone session with guidance and coaching from Hanan Webster. This time is personalized attention (with the guidance of a birth prep workbook) to go over what is most important to you.

Some examples of what we can discuss:

  • how to advocate for yourself
  • preparing for each stage of labor including pushing
  • making decisions about anything unexpected
  • how to cope with unmedicated birth
  • comfort measures
  • tips for partners
  • any other topics that are important to you

Booking a birth planning/coaching call with me means you get the benefit of learning and speaking with a certified childbirth educator and experienced birth professional.

Investing your time and money into preparing for this life-changing event, to build your confidence and become more informed, is truly priceless.

A birth planning call is a great choice for you if…

  • Your doctor doesn’t have time for many questions
  • A birth doula is not within your budget
  • You’d like your partner to learn what to expect and a few ways to help
  • Your previous birth experiences were difficult
  • You meant to take a childbirth class but ran out of time (it happens!) or are not local to me to take one
  • You want to invest in yourself and the day you meet your baby

Let’s get you ready to truly TREASURE your birth experience!

Contact me to schedule your one-on-one session!