My Second Surrogacy – A VBAC Birth Story

Monday morning, at 39 weeks and two days gestation, I woke up to some bloody show, lots of cramping, and some sporadic contractions. But nothing came of it. Went to bed around 11 pm, and woke up Tuesday morning around 1:30 am to more bloody show and heavy cramping. Started getting contractions soon after andContinue reading “My Second Surrogacy – A VBAC Birth Story”

8 Ways To Use Your Placenta After Birth

The placenta is your baby’s food source, life support, and connection between yourself and baby, for around nine months. The placenta is such an incredible and beautiful part of pregnancy and birth. You may not realize it, but after you have delivered your placenta, you actually have quite a few choices on what to doContinue reading “8 Ways To Use Your Placenta After Birth”

Why An In-Person Childbirth Class Is 100% Worth It

There has been a good number of online childbirth classes for a while now. Even Birth Boot Camp is available as an online class! After Covid last year, there are even more online classes than before. However, if you have the availability and access to an in-person childbirth class, you should ABSOLUTELY choose it! Here’sContinue reading “Why An In-Person Childbirth Class Is 100% Worth It”

Does Your Insurance Cover Doula or Childbirth Education Services?

This is a tricky question that I get asked by many clients and families. At this time most insurances do not cover a doula. However there ARE a couple of ways your insurance MAY cover a doula, and even childbirth classes! FSA/HSA If you currently use either a Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account,Continue reading “Does Your Insurance Cover Doula or Childbirth Education Services?”