5 Ways Dads Feel More Involved During Pregnancy

There are a lot of changes that happen to a woman during pregnancy. Many start right away and progress for nine months, emotionally and physically. With everything that mom goes through, dad can often feel “left out” or not included. Here are some ways for your partner to feel more involved with your pregnancy. SoContinue reading “5 Ways Dads Feel More Involved During Pregnancy”

4 Tips for a Great Summer Pregnancy

You’re carrying a sweet baby boy or girl, and it’s 100 degrees outside…how on earth are you going to survive another couple months of summer?! Hydrate Water is typically the most underutilized nutrient during pregnancy. It is so incredibly important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, and even more so when it’s hot outside, because your ownContinue reading “4 Tips for a Great Summer Pregnancy”

My Water Just Broke, Now What?

If you experience PROM in pregnancy, which stands for premature rupture of membranes (which is when your water breaks before labor begins), unless you’re considered high risk or have been recommended to come in right away, you don’t necessarily have to rush to the hospital. First and foremost speak with your provider, but also remember C.O.A.T!Continue reading “My Water Just Broke, Now What?”