TENS Unit Rental

Treasured Birth Services currently offers the Babycare OBITENS unit, designed specifically for labor, available to rent.

TENS unit rentals are available to both students and non students, and can be rented statewide!

TENS machines release a low frequency electric current through the skin and help your body naturally block its ability to perceive pain. TENS units can help with a wide range of aches in pains throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. TENS is a portable, drug free, noninvasive, labor pain relief option.

TENS have been widely used throughout the UK and Canada for childbirth since the 1970’s, and is finally making its way into the U.S. (as many as 1-5 women in the UK have used TENS in labor).

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

TENS is a safe and effective means of combating pain during the process of childbirth. It works by sending comfortable, gentle pulses to the nerves through four electrode pads placed on the skin. It utilizes the Gate Theory of Pain Control by gently stimulating your sensory nerves to suppress or block the pain signal to the brain. When these pain signals are blocked, it becomes more difficult for the brain to register the sensation of pain (or it opts for the more pleasant pulsing sensation).

Endorphins (often referred to as the body’s natural opiates) are produced naturally by the body to manage pain. High endorphin levels can make you feel alert, attentive, and even euphoric after birth, as you begin to get to know and care for your baby. In this early, postpartum period, endorphins and the hormone oxytocin are believed to play a role in strengthening the mother-infant relationship. TENS can promote the release of endorphins through a comfortable tapping sensation that results in pain relief even after the unit is turned off.

The OBITENS has two main settings: burst and boost. During a space between labor contractions, the machine should be left on “burst”. When a contraction begins, simply press the boost button on the front of the unit for a surge of extra power for pain relief. After the contraction ends, simply press the same button again to return back to the “burst” setting.

Babycare TENS make only the highest quality products known for their excellent design and ease of use. The TENS can help you to remain in control, stay alert, and considerably reduce drug intake. Most importantly, there are no known side effects for you or your baby.

What’s included in the rental?

  • 5 week rental period (typically 37-42 weeks gestation)
  • an OBITENS unit
  • 4 reusable large maternity electrode pads (new pads are included in each rental and are not reused between clients)
  • 2 lead wires plus 1 extra
  • 2 rechargeable AA batteries, plus a spare set
  • Neck cord and carrying pouch
  • Instruction guide
  • A Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief: Before, During, and After the Birth Booklet
  • Optional add ons:
    • You can purchase a additional set of 4 electrode pads. While the included pads are reusable, they do eventually lose their adhesive, especially if exposed to oils, excessive moisture etc. You may also wish to practice with your TENS before labor, or continue to use it for postpartum aches and pains. A extra set of 4 electrodes can be purchased for $10


5 week rental: $75 + security deposit

You can pick up and drop off the unit to me locally (West Point, Utah), or I will ship anywhere within Utah for an additional fee.

Common Questions

How does a TENS unit work?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It uses a low frequency electric current that relieves pain through stimulating the release of endorphins. When the sensory nerves are stimulated they naturally block the bodies ability to perceive pain. This also helps your body release int own natural painkillers. (know as the pain gateway theory).

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is $50, which will be refunded upon the return and inspection of the TENS as long as it is found to be undamaged and in working order.

How does the shipping/return shipping work?

I strive to make the shipping and return process as easy and seamless for new parents as possible!

If you have opted for the shipping option, the unit will ship out priority mail no later then the first day of your rental. (I will ship 2 days prior to your rental date unless the units have been rented up until the begining date of your rental). There will be a prepaid shipping label included in the box, and you may re-use the same box to return the unit.

Please mail out the unit no later then the last day of your rental period. There is a $10 per week fee for late returns, starting on the first day of each week past due. There is no discount for early returns.

Can I pick up the TENS?

Yes! I do offer free local pickup. I am located in West Point, Utah (north Davis County)

Can I use a TENS unit in the hospital?

Yes! Most hospitals are supportive of using this comfort measure. However it is your responsibility to confirm this with the hospital you plan to birth with.

When should I use the TENS unit?

The TENS in not recomeded for use prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy without oversight by a medical professional as they are placed over sensitive pressure points and could stimulate labor. You can begin using your TENS unit at home as soon as contraction discomfort starts and on through the birth. However the unit is not waterproof and can not be worn while showering or in a birth pool/tub. If plannig a water birth TENS can be a great comfort measure for early/active labor up until you decide to enter the birth pool.

The unit can also be used in postpartum to relieve afterbirth aches and discomfort.

There are no know side effects associated with TENS unit use, however it should not be used if you have open lesions, have a pacemaker, or have a seizure disorder.

Can I use a TENS if I’m planning a waterbirth?

Yes, If plannig a water birth TENS can be a great comfort measure from the begining of early/active labor up until you decide to enter the birth pool (usualy around the time of transition, or 9-10cm dilation). TENS units are not waterproof and cannot be used in the shower or during the time you are in the birth pool

The electrode pads are reusable, and can be placed back on to dry skin if you decide to exit the tub again during labor.

The unit can also be used in postpartum to relieve afterbirth aches and discomfort.

Optionally you can purchase additional electrode pads in case they lose adhesiveness during birth or for further use postpartum.

Can TENS be used with fetal monitoring? Epidurals? For c-sections?

The TENS can be worn with external fetal monitors in place, and can be particularly useful in situations where mobility is limited or the baby is in a posterior or asynclinic position.

While it can not be worn once a epidural or spinal anesthesia is in place, it can be wonderful for helping you to relax and manage pain in the earlier stages of labor, before being admitted to the hospital, and in the hospital while you are waiting for the anesthesiologist.

As always it is recommended that you check the policy’s of your individual medical provider in advance.

TENS can not be used in water, but can be worn before/after showering or entering a birth pool.

Why not use a regular TENS machine?

Regularly available TENS are not as effective for the specific discomforts of childbirth, nor as intuitive to use during labor. Babycare OBITENS machines are specifically designed for childbirth. They use larger, maternity size pads than conventional TENS and include a easy to use booster button, which is key for relieving pain during contractions. OBITENS also is backlit for easy viewing in a dimly lit birth setting, as well as a neck lanyard for easy use while still moving freely during labor.

Who should not use TENS?

You should not use a TENS machine if you have open lesions on your back, have a pacemaker, or have a seizure disorder.

Ready to book your TENS machine rental?

Booking is easy! When you are ready to book your TENS unit rental please fill out the form below. After I receive your request I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the availability of a TENS unit for the time frame of your expected delivery and with further payment instructions for your chosen payment methods. Once I receive the down payment and you familiarize yourself with the rental agreement terms you’re all set!

Have any questions? Problems filling out the form? Contact me!