IMG_0023“I cannot begin to say thank you thank you thank you enough to this incredible birth team! Hanan showed us the incredible world of home birth and all the joy that was available to us, and then helped make our dream a reality! It would not have been the same without Hanan! Thank you so much, and know you are now family! Hanan was an incredibly sensitive and nurturing support to my wife! She was there from step one all the way through her post baby recovery. We highly recommend Hanan for anyone’s journey!”

– Zach L.

“After several meetings with other doula’s, my husband and I decided immediately that Hanan was a good fit! She was available every time we needed her. When she showed up at the hospital when I was in labor, she started helping both myself and my husband immediately as well as using counter pressure, which helped with the pain immensely. My labor and delivery was, unfortunately, not at all as we had hoped and planned. There were some very scary moments for us and Hanan was there for us, every step of the way. When my husband went with our baby after delivery, she stayed with me in the delivery room so I was not alone. Her postpartum meeting and belly binding services were also wonderful. We are so grateful that Hanan was with us through this experience and would not have wanted it any other way! She has a special place in the birth story of our beautiful baby!”
– Kim M.