“I cannot begin to say thank you thank you thank you enough to this incredible birth team! Hanan showed us the incredible world of home birth and all the joy that was available to us, and then helped make our dream a reality! It would not have been the same without Hanan! Thank you so much, and know you are now family! Hanan was an incredibly sensitive and nurturing support to my wife! She was there from step one all the way through her post baby recovery. We highly recommend Hanan for anyone’s journey!”

Zach L.

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“After several meetings with other doula’s, my husband and I decided immediately that Hanan was a good fit! She was available every time we needed her. When she showed up at the hospital when I was in labor, she started helping both myself and my husband immediately as well as using counter pressure, which helped with the pain immensely. My labor and delivery was, unfortunately, not at all as we had hoped and planned. There were some very scary moments for us and Hanan was there for us, every step of the way. When my husband went with our baby after delivery, she stayed with me in the delivery room so I was not alone. Her postpartum meeting and belly binding services were also wonderful. We are so grateful that Hanan was with us through this experience and would not have wanted it any other way! She has a special place in the birth story of our beautiful baby!”

Kim M.

I used Hanan & she’s AMAZING! I planned on going natural without any meds. She was so supportive and kept me informed on what the nurses were doing and helping me understand everything going on! She helped with every part of my labor and was right next to me the whole time – even going potty. I ended up getting an epidural and still was so happy to have her there for support! She made sure to keep rotating me and using the peanut ball to keep things moving along! She was also right there next to me during delivery and helped motivate me! I wouldn’t have had such a positive experience if it wasn’t for her!

Ashlee C.

My husband and I took the Comfort Measures class with Hanan and absolutely loved it! We both loved how informative and hands-on the class was. My husband really enjoyed how much the spouse/birthing partner is included in this class. It gave him the tools to really help me in accomplishing the type of birth I wanted. Hanan is extremely knowledgeable on all things birth and makes you feel very comfortable asking any questions! Highly recommend this class or any of her classes!

Sarah E.

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Previous birth experiences in labor and delivery weren’t great for me and my husband. Moving from CA to Utah recently and not having any family in town, my husband and I talked about hiring a doula for the birth of our 3rd child. When Hanan and I first met, my 2 little ones were a little wild and couldn’t sit still that morning. Hanan was patient with them and took her time with me. I felt very comfortable and wanted to hire her on the spot. She was so nice, knowledgeable and caring. I knew I didn’t need to interview anyone else and she was the one I wanted to help me while I was delivering. My husband and I spoke that afternoon and I immediately let her know that we chose her! Anytime I had a question and yes it could have been a silly question she always answered. She gave us a recap on a class in our home and it was nice to go over things that I forgot or may have not known from my previous 2.

She made me and my husband feel comfortable and looked forward to delivering baby. I ended up getting induced. Since my husband had to be with both kids and was going back and fourth between hospital and home, Hanan came shortly after labor and delivery checked me in. She was there every step of the way. I had no idea if I was going to have a non medicated labor or have an epidural. She provided me knowledge along the way. She kept my mind off contractions. She used techniques to help my contractions feel better. She was positive and kept cheering me on. When I got to 7 cm dilated I didn’t think I could do it. She encouraged me and was my cheerleader. I got to 8 Cm dilated and I was freaking out. The pain was horrible. All I wanted to do at that point was to get an epidural but I knew I couldn’t. I got this far and knew I had to finish up what I always wanted to do. Hanan was right there helping me try to feel comfortable. Again using different techniques and just being positive and calm. Next thing I knew I had to push. Hanan knew it was important to me to have my husband with me while baby was being born. She went out and got him and stayed with both of my kids while I pushed baby out. I am forever grateful to her for being there for us, helping me get through a non medicated labor , being positive and calm and being my cheerleader.

She was an amazing doula and gave me a birth experience will never forget. One of the best birth experiences we have experienced. I would highly recommend Hanan to anyone asking about a doula. She truly is the best and know if you chose her you are in the best of hands.

Katie H.

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