Meet Hanan

hanan webster doulaWell, hello there! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am Hanan (pronounced Huh-non), a Birth Boot Camp certified birth doula and childbirth instructor, and birth photographer. I’m super passionate about serving families within my community (Weber/Davis and Salt Lake county, in Northern Utah) whether that is during pregnancy, birth, or postpartum. More often than not, it’s a combination of those!

My extensive knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum combined with my compassion and heart, makes me an asset to every family! I feel absolutely blessed to be a doula and educator, guiding families through the experience of childbirth. And I especially love creating a visual birth story for families to cherish for years to come!

I want you to have ALL the important information and available resources to help you make informed decisions and have the best pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience possible.

Join me at our next Positive Birth Circle of Weber/Davis County!


When not providing amazing support for births or teaching classes, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our four beautiful children, and our four furry kids (two dogs and two cats!)

My first two were medicated births in the hospital with OBs. Mostly because we were super young and knew NOTHING. Had no idea you could take a birth class, and definitely didn’t know what a doula was.

Sometime after my second child was born, something in me begged for a different birth for a next one. I watched The Business of Being Born, and knew a water birth is exactly what I wanted to do.

My last two were born at home, in the water, with two different, but both wonderful sets of midwives.

Little did I know then, that my love and appreciation for birth would lead me to what I do now.


Even though we were done with our own children, in 2019 I had a cesarean birth, to give birth to twin babies for a wonderful couple from China, as their gestational surrogate.


Then in February 2022, I had a VBAC birth as another surrogate, for two amazing dads from France. You can read his birth story story HERE

I have loved every one of my labors, for their own reasons.


My responsibility to you, as your doula and educator, will be to educate, motivate and support you both physically and emotionally. I will also encourage and respect your goals and wishes for birth, and help you create a birth that will be treasured forever!


Fun Facts About Hanan

  • I am the Head of Marketing and Social Media for Birth Boot Camp Headquarters.
  • I occasionally substitute teach at my kids’ school. Ask me who’s easier to teach, kids or adults. 😉
  • I love art, crafts, painting or creating whatever. 
  • I have lots of tattoos, and am planning lots more! Another favorite art form of mine!
  • I attended MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) for over a decade, when my kids were little. I highly recommend finding a similar group to connect with other mothers.
  • My favorite drink is an iced coffee or flavored water with pebble ice.
  • We eat pizza at least once a week. 
  • I grew up in the Pacific NW. Go Seahawks!
  • My favorite childhood movie is The Neverending Story. 
  • I breastfed a total of 67 months between my four kids. SO MUCH WORK!