Why Use A Doula?

A doula’s role fits perfectly into the modern childbirth scenario where health care providers cannot be 100% present to care for a woman’s emotional and physical needs during childbirth.

Who Do You Serve?

I specialize in unmedicated childbirth, but attend all types of births. I help families with VBACs, hospital birth, home birth, birth center birth, family centered cesarean section, LGBTQA+, alternative lifestyles, surrogacy, adoption, teens, single parents, and more. I serve and treat all people equally regardless of their race, age, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, or other characteristics. You can expect nonjudgmental support from me no matter who you are!

My partner will be at the birth – do I still need a doula?

A doula is never there to take the place of your spouse or partner, but rather to enhance and compliment the experience. Doulas can suggest helpful comfort measures, or step in if the spouse wants a break during the birth. Having a doula allows your partner to participate emotionally without having to remember everything.

Do doulas deliver babies?

A doula does not replace your OB or Midwife who performs the medical procedures to deliver your baby. A doula is there to help inform you about what choices you have, and offer physical, emotional and educational support for you to make the best decision for you!

I know I want an epidural so I don’t need a doula, right?

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that a doula is only helpful in unmedicated births. Most women will labor unmedicated before they can even receive an epidural. Having a doula can help keep you comfortable at home or during early labor at your birth place. At the hospital, a doula can suggest position changes, offer relaxation skills to help you to stay calm, and provide informational support to make sure you are informed and your medical staff knows your goals and preferences.

Can a doula help me after the birth of my baby?

One of my favorite things about being a doula is serving women and their families after the birth of their baby. The weeks following your baby’s birth are often full of joy, sleep deprivation and wondering, “Is this normal?” A doula can assist with breast and bottle feeding questions, suggest newborn soothing techniques and encourage sibling adjustment so you and baby can bond and rest in a peaceful environment.


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